Off to the Races

This afternoon I'm heading to Charlottesville (with my friend Megan) to go to the Foxfield steeplechase tomorrow. I grew up spending at least some time at Saratoga every summer, so I am no newcomer to horse racing, but I get the impression that this is going to be fairly unlike the races I know. First off, I have to wear a dress--and am supposed to also wear a hat. Now, I have no objection to dresses overall, but for this, it seems a tad much. Having never gone the clubhouse route at Saratoga, I am strictly a jeans-or-shorts girl when it comes to watching the ponies. But in order to blend in, I've acquiesced, and have a lovely green sundress packed. I am drawing the line at the hat, however. I mean, please. I am not a hat person and no amount of southern etiquette requirements can make me one.

Second, there's no betting, apparently. I am not sure what makes racing fun other than gambling. Well, drinking, I guess, which I understand is going to be a significant part of the entertainment.

And finally, there may be dogs racing, too, which will just be too much for me to handle. I don't know this for sure, but apparently that's part of the entertainment at many of the Virgina Gold Cup events. And not regular racing dogs like greyhounds, mind you. Jack Russell terriers, I am told. That is crazy.

I'll bring the camera...