Waiting for the Taxi

The cab will be here in a half hour to take me to the airport for my nine-day travel extravaganza. I'll be in Minneapolis visiting my cousins today and tomorrow, then across the river in St. Paul at my work's annual conference until Friday, at which time I will be heading to Las Vegas for a wedding. I think it's going to be an exhausting but fun week-plus of travel. It's going to be my first time at the conference, which seems so odd, since I have worked for the same organization for going on nine years. My prior position, though, was in a department that functioned rather independently of the mother-ship, and the dates of our annual meeting always conflicted. I've ended up with a sweet deal for going this year, too -- I am going in order to write for the new blog I mentioned a few weeks back. I'm taking tours all day (or field sessions, as they are called to make them sound less fun and more like work) and writing whenever I get the chance.

I may have a finite number of words in me, so if there's not a lot of new stuff happening here, feel free to hit the link over on the right (under "The Job") and see what I am up to over there.