Low-Tech Weekend

Ah, the best-laid plans... I intended to write a post this morning before I left for the airport for my trip to Albany, but ended up taking too much time to pack and didn't get one done. I then decided I'd take a crack at writing one on my iPhone from the gate instead, figuring a post full of typos and incorrect auto-complete words might be amusing. But I realized as I got to the security checkpoint at BWI that I didn't have my phone. I'll say that again:

I. forgot. my. phone.

Without it, I have (in addition to the obvious no ability to make calls/text) no iPod, no Internet, no email... And I am seriously freaking out. Jonesing for a live connection to the world so badly that I was almost to the checkout line in Target with a $15 go-phone before it dawned on me that it was insane to buy a phone for only five days. Insane, especially given that I am staying with a friend who has both a phone and -- obviously -- a computer.

Still, not having a pocket full of tech-toy is making me feel seriously disconnected.