It's cold in Denver. The Capri pants I put on in DC to keep from melting this morning are entirely inappropriate here. I did grab a sweater for the plane, and I'm damned glad for having done so -- elsewise I might have frozen while waiting for my gate-checked bag. Said bag does have as much warm stuff as seemed prudent for September (jeans, a fleece jacket, several pairs of wooly handknit socks) but I'm not sure it's gonna be enough. Breckenridge, where I'm spending the weekend, is in the mountains, so it'll be even colder. Goodness. I'd forgotten what a real September feels like. This explains why back-to-school season always makes me want to wear a sweater, though the Mid-Atlantic's early fall heat never allows for it. I'm not sure if I actually like it, though. It seems so strange after a decade of wearing sandals until October.

(Posting from my spell-check free iPhone, so forgive any typos, please.)