Not DC, Denver

My travels have prevented me from shooting any My DC photos this week, so instead, I'll post a couple of pictures from Denver that I might not have taken but for this project. Both Hillary and sprite have mentioned in their My DC posts the importance of looking up -- that what is interesting in our day-to-day world is often above our heads. This is true, of course, but sometimes it's also beneath our feet. Trying to get an interesting shot or two each week has, I think, made me more observant overall. I have no other explanation for why, upon noticing what I suspected might be an unusual quirk in the elevators in my hotel, my first instinct was to pull out my camera. On the second day of my stay, I realized I was right -- the elevator had days-of-the-week carpets! The vertical transit equivalent of days-of-the-week underpants! Hee hee!

(Yes, I think this is hilarious. No, I don't know why.)