Planning an Adventure

A couple of weeks back, on one of January's particularly cold days, I found myself wishing I had a vacation planned -- something fun and warm to pull me out of the winter doldrums. Being as I am a woman of action, I decided to email a couple of my work friends who are big travelers to see if either (or both) of them might be up for trying to plan something. Farin responded almost immediately that she had been thinking about a trip to Jordan -- and what did we think of that? Alison responded immediately that she was in. I have to admit that Jordan was a destination that was not really on my radar, but I'm game to go pretty much anywhere, so I jumped in, too. After a few lunchtime planning meetings we're pretty much set. Farin travels a lot, both for work and for fun, so she put her trip research skills to the test and found us a great, inexpensive, private tour, and Alison found a not-great-but-not-horrible airfare, so we just booked our flights.

We're flying in and out of Amman, and will be visiting Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea, among other places. We're also going to be spending one night in a Bedouin encampment in the desert. I'm so excited -- I think it's going to be really fun. And the best part is, since prices go up in April, we're going at the end of March, in just under six weeks. Woo hoo!

Now, of course, I am going on the pre-vacation money saving fun-diet, cutting way, way back on dinners out, happy hours, and all non-essential shopping. I also need to do my taxes ASAP, so I'll have my refund to bring for spending money. I'll be using the spare time I get from not going out anymore to figure out the best way to keep everyone updated while we're away. I'm considering Twitter, but am open to suggestions.