The View from 30,000 Feet

I'm on my way to Chicago for the weekend for some fun family time at Jen's parents' house. She, Brian, and the nephews are en route, and her brother and his new wife are in town, too. (Yes, I realize that, technically, they're not all my family, but honestly, everyone is so welcoming that it seems like those lines have blurred entirely.) There's going to be golf for those inclined on Saturday and to-be-determined sightseeing for the rest of us, as well as a big party on Sunday afternoon. Topping it off, Brian & I are hitting a Bruce Springsteen concert on Sunday night, which undoubtedly will be -- as always -- a great time. But all that fun is not why I'm blogging tonight. No, I'm blogging because I'm in the airplane and there's free wifi! Woo hoo! So, I'm writing simply because I can, and because I'm just the kind of girl who gets super-excited about Internet! On! The! Airplane!

Think I'm not really in flight right now? Well here's a picture of the drinks cart (and flight attendant) that just provided me a soda to prove it.

I love modern technology.