Summer Days, Driftin' Away...

Mmm... steamers! Even though I've been at the office three days this week, I've been feeling fairly vacation-y - probably a combination of Memorial Day being the official "kickoff" of the summer season and the fact that I'm taking a day off tomorrow to spend time with my sister while she's in town. I suspect that's the reason I looked at yesterday's Daily Post recommendation - make a top ten list of things to do this summer - and thought, "Oh, I need to do that!"

1. Go to the beach. This is already planned - I'm joining a bunch of friends on a house rental in Cape May in August.

2. Go to the Adirondacks. I have a feeling this might come to pass as the girls' weekend I'm planning with Wendy and Shannon while I'm in New York in July.

3. Eat steamers (with beer). For reasons I can't explain, steamed littleneck clams are not a summertime bar food staple in DC the way they always seemed to be in Albany, so that's on my list of musts when I'm visiting this year.

4. Go to the races. I haven't been to Saratoga since the summer after my dad died, so I need to find out if I can stow away in my brother's car on one of his trips this summer.

5. Have drinks down on the waterfront. The Potomac makes for a nice backdrop for cocktails, but I rarely go down there (other than for ballgames) and want to rectify that this year.

6. Go to a Caps rookie or training camp practice. I've never done this before, but it seems like a good way to get a little hockey fix in the summertime.

7. Read five books.This is a fairly arbitrary number, but I haven't been reading enough lately, and I think I can manage five books before Labor Day. (Currently, I'm thinking A Game of Thrones, Cleopatra: A Life, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Thursday Next: First Among Sequels, and The Spring of the Ram, but this could all change depending on what strikes my fancy.)

8. Buy a new grill. My grill died last spring, and I never got around to replacing it. I can't really imagine another summer without one.

9. Start doing yoga again. I was a fairly devoted student of yoga for years, but stopped going to classes longer ago than I care to admit, and I've been missing it terribly. Time to get back to it.

10. Go to outdoor concerts. I already have tickets for a couple of shows (Arcade Fire and Mumford & Sons) but I'm hoping to add a few more to the list.

So that's my list... What do you have planned for the summer?