Crossing Things Off My List, Part One

The Adirondacks, from Prospect Mountain I'm just back from my long weekend in Albany, where I visited with friends, ate a lot of food, and checked a few things off the list of summer plans I wrote last month. Specifically, I covered items two and three on that list, and kind of hit number five by having drinks - several times - along the Hudson. It wasn't the Potomac as intended, but my old hometown of Troy has done a lovely job of sprucing up its waterfront, so it will count for the time being.

In order to counteract that "I need a vacation to recover from my vacation" feeling, I'm not heading back to the office until Monday, so there's a reasonably good chance I'll cross at least one (buy a grill) and possibly two (start doing yoga again) by the time I head back to the grind. I've also covered number 10, having seen Arcade Fire, Mumford and Sons, and U2 in the past month. I'm not gonna lie - I'm pleasantly surprised that I could be more than halfway through the list before hitting the midpoint of summer.

And because I'm not back at the office yet, I actually had time to organize my photos from the trip and make a slideshow already... Now if I could just get my suitcase unpacked!


Oh, and if you want more information on the seven-pound hotdog referenced in the slideshow, Wendy's got the scoop for you over at Wendalicious.