Today, I Rode a Bike

And, I am happy to report, I was not killed in the process - either by a car or by my own clumsiness, both of which seemed like very real possibilities. (I am not, and never have been, much of a bike rider, because I am frightened to death of the cars on the road. But DC has this super cool new-ish bikeshare system, so I want to get more comfortable with riding to take advantage of it, and this trip seemed like a good opportunity to do this, since Cape May is a little more low-key than Washington. I did have cold feet about it this morning, though, and considered begging off, until I realized our destination was only 2.2 miles away. Knowing I could just walk home if the ride out was awful was reassuring.)

I'm glad I went, because when I got to our destination, I saw this:


And this:


And this, too:


Not a bad way to start off the day, eh?

Oh, and the fact that it wasn't horrible and I wasn't killed means I may try a little more biking tomorrow, just to make sure this wasn't a fluke.