10 on Tuesday: Cape May Edition

dunes and lighthouseThe suggested topic for today's 10 on Tuesday post - favorite romantic comedies - didn't really grab me (not a big fan of the romcom overall) so instead, I thought I'd share 10 things that I've enjoyed on my vacation here in Cape May. 1. Hanging with friends. I know, obvious choice, but of course, the people you're with always make or break a trip.

2. Swimming. Given how hot it has been, the ocean is still remarkably cold, and immensely refreshing after spending some time in the sun.

3. Chilling in the hammock. I looove hammocks and have spent more time in the one here than practically anywhere else.

4. Reading. I finally had time to finish "A Game of Thrones" on this trip, and - rather than being my normally-compulsive self and jumping into the second book in the series - I actually started reading something else instead.

5. Drinking wine. Specifically, this Portuguese wine that Julia loves called vinho verde. It's a light, slightly fizzy white wine with a low amount of alcohol, which makes it perfect for hot summer days.

6. Relaxing on the beach. Duh, of course. And I even managed not to get too sunburned. (Beach umbrellas FTW!)

7. Riding my bike. As I mentioned yesterday, I really enjoyed my ride up to the Cape May lighthouse.

8. Napping. It's not a vacation if you don't get to sleep whenever you feel like it - even in the middle of the afternoon.

9. Eating. We've been eating like it's our job, and as a bonus, I've picked up a few really tasty pasta salad tips from Jordi.

10. Having wifi in the house. I know "unplugging" on vacation makes some people happy, but not me. It makes me anxious to be out of touch, so I am happy to have fast Internet access here.