Alaskan Adventure, Day Three: The Wheels on the Bus

As the title suggests, we spent a lot of time on buses today - in fact, if I were to say the whole day, that would only be the tiniest bit of an exaggeration. We left out hotel in Fairbanks at 9:00, en route to Denali National Park, where we arrived in time for lunch. Along the way, we made a couple of quick stops; first, a through-the-bus-window photo op at Skinny Dick's Halfway Inn:


And then we had a proper stop (which on this trip means bathrooms and a souvenir shop) at Nenana, where, once upon a time, President William McKinley hammered the golden spike into the Alaska railroad.


We made it to our destination a little after noon, had a quick lunch (spaghetti with caribou meatballs), and then headed to the hotel to pick up the buses for out tour of Denali National Park.

Before we boarded up, I did sneak off to grab a quick photo of the view from the balcony off the hotel's lobby.


Not too shabby, eh?

JoAnn & Nick,* and Mom & I signed up for the extended tour of Denali - a seven to eight hour bus tour of the park. We're in hour seven right now,** and so far we've seen:

Mountains and glaciers.



A fox.






And ptarmigan, a moose, and another bear, but all those photos - along with some pretty photos of flowers and higher-res versions of the mountains and such - are on my regular camera, not my phone, and I don't have the energy to deal with them tonight.

Oh, and lest I forget, we also took silly pictures wearing antlers:



It was a really great day, but I am going to be happy to get off this bus.

*** * I did mention at some point that Mom and I are taking this trip with her cousins JoAnn and Nick, right? Up until very recently, they lived just down the road from Mom in Elmira, so we saw them a fair bit over the years - much more often than the California cousins with whom we just had the reunion.

** It'll be later than hour seven when I post this - there's no Internet access in the park. Yes, I survived.